Extend Protection Plan-Platinum-Level Office Chairs


Consumer Priority Service Corporation (CPS) is an international company that provides repair and extended warranty services for consumer electronics and appliances. They've been around since 1990, starting as a regional repair center in New Jersey and growing into a warranty provider with a national reach.

Here's a summary of what they do:

  • Sell extended warranty plans for a wide range of products, including mobile devices, computers, major appliances, and more. These plans typically cover repairs beyond the manufacturer's warranty period, including accidental damage.
  • Partner with retailers, e-commerce platforms, and manufacturers to offer their warranty plans to consumers.
  • Manage a network of repair service providers who fix covered items under CPS warranties.
  • Provide customer service to policyholders who need to file claims or get repairs done.

Enjoy added peace of mind with an CPS protection plan. From a simple, stress-free claims process to quick repairs or replacements, we're here for you when the unexpected happens.

What's covered?

Your product is protected from defects and failures that can occur with normal use. Extend plans cover your product above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty. This plan does not cover accidental damage, or damage caused by abuse or misuse, so be nice to your stuff. You can find more details in the Protection Plan Terms and Conditions below.

When is it covered?

CPS protection plan protects your product from mechanical, electrical, structural, and material failure after your manufacturer warranty expires and continues through your chosen coverage term.

How do I file a claim?

We're always happy to help! Just reach out to us through our online claims portal for immediate service You can get additional information by visiting: https://www.cpscentral.com or calling: (800) 905-0443